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Audio System Equipment Rental


Milwaukee Sound & Lighting has an extensive inventory of the latest, high-quality professional audio equipment and we take great pride in selecting the appropriate equipment for each venue and client.  Our professional sound reinforcement staff will customize an audio equipment configuration which maximizes the sound experience for your audience.

Whatever your audio production requirements, Milwaukee Sound & Lighting can provide the solutions.  No event is too big or too small.  To contact our audio professionals call (414) 712-0689.


House Consoles


Digidesign Venue SC48

Yamaha M7CL 48ES

Yamaha LS9-32

Yamaha LS9-16

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 3

Soundcraft MH2-48


House Speakers


JBL Vertec VT4887A Line Array

JBL VRX932LA Line Array

JBL SRX722       


Electrovoice QRX 153/75

Electrovoice PX2122

Electrovoice PX2181


House Amplifiers


Crown I-Tech 8000

Crown I-Tech 6000

Crown XTI 6002


House Processing


Harmon System Architect

Crown I-Tech HiQnet

Electrovoice DC-One

DBX 480 DriveRack

Yamaha OnBoard Effects




Shure Beta 58

Shure Beta 87a

Shure SM 58

Shure SM 57

Shure KSM 109

Shure Beta 52

Audix OM5

Audix OM6

Audix OM7

Audix D6

Sennheiser E604

Sennheiser E609

Electrovoice N/D 767A

Electrovoice N/D967A

Electrovoice N/D 868

AKG D 112

Countryman E6

Audio Technica AT 2020

Audio Technica AT 3035

Audio Technica AT 8015

Radial JDI Passive DI

Radial J48 Active DI


Monitor Consoles


Digidesign Venue SC48

Yamaha M7CL 48ES

Yamaha LS9-32

Yamaha LS9-16

Allen & Heath Mix Wizard 3

Soundcraft MH2-48


Monitor Speakers


JBL SRX 722 (Side Fills)



JBL PRX618xlf (sub for drums)


Electrovoice PX1152m

Electrovoice PX122m

Electrovoice QRX212/75


Monitor Amplifiers


Crown I-Tech 6000

Crown I-Tech 4000

Crown XTI 4000


House Inserts


DBX 480 DriveRack

Ashley Protea 4.24G

Presonus ACP88

DBX 1046

Yamaha SPX90


Wireless Microphones


Shure UHF-R Beta 58

Shure ULX-P Beta 87c

AKG WMS4000 C417 (Lav)


House Playback


Tascam CD 200 i      

Apple iPOD

Yamaha CD-S700 mp3


Live Recording


Alesis HD-24 ADAT

Pro Tools 9 via SC48


Snake Systems


Yamaha SB168-ES (Digital-Ethernet 48 Channel)

Whirlwind 48 Channel (2-Way Split)



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